pip install -U sentry  或 pip install sentry==7.4.3 #指定版本
source sentry/bin/activate
sentry init /etc/sentry
$ sentry
Usage: sentry [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…
  Sentry is cross-platform crash reporting built with love.
  The configuration file is looked up in the `~/.sentry` config directory but this can
  be overridden with the `SENTRY_CONF` environment variable or be explicitly provided
  through the `–config` parameter.
  –config PATH  Path to configuration files.
  –version      Show the version and exit.
  –help         Show this message and exit.
  celery      DEPRECATED see `sentry run` instead.
  cleanup     Delete a portion of trailing data based on…
  config      Manage runtime config options.
  createuser  Create a new user.
  devserver   Starts a lightweight web server for…
  django      Execute Django subcommands.
  dsym        Manage system symbols in Sentry.
  export      Exports core metadata for the Sentry…
  files       Manage files from filestore.
  help        Show this message and exit.
  import      Imports data from a Sentry export.
  init        Initialize new configuration directory.
  plugins     Manage Sentry plugins.
  queues      Manage Sentry queues.
  repair      Attempt to repair any invalid data.
  run         Run a service.
  shell       Run a Python interactive interpreter.
  start       DEPRECATED see `sentry run` instead.
  tsdb        Tools for interacting with the time series…
  upgrade     Perform any pending database migrations and…